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Justification and the Righteousness of God in the Pauline Corpus

by Wan Chee Keong Traditionally, dikaioumai, ‘to be justified’, has been understood in general as ‘to be put in right relation with God’. Arndt-Gingrich defines it: ‘to be acquitted, be pronounced and treated as righteous, and thereby become dikaios (righteous), receive the divine gift of dikaisunh(righteousness)’ (Cole, p. 80). It has to do with the […]

The “Righteousness” of Romans and Galatians, and the Gospel of Christ

by Edward L. Hamilton When comparing the message of Jesus in the gospels with that of Paul in Romans or Galatians, one (sooner or later) cannot help but be struck by the apparent disparity in attention given to the subjects of “righteousness” (dikaiosune) and “justification” (dikaiosis). In Romans, these words recur repeatedly, as centerpieces for an elaborate theological […]

The New Perspective on Paul: A Bibliographical Essay

by Michael F. Bird Last Update: 30 April 2006 About this Bibliography Introductions to the NPP Antecedents to Sanders Works by E.P. Sanders Articles Monographs Justification Law and “Works of the Law” Studies on Judaism in Light of the NPP Commentaries that Engage the NPP Online Resources About this Bibliography This bibliography is my collection, annotation […]

Review Essay of “Tom Wright and the Search for Truth: A Theological Evaluation” by Tom Holland

Tom Holland, Tom Wright and the Search for Truth: A Theological Evaluation (London: Apiary Publishing), 2017. Pp. 495. by Don Garlington This full-sized volume consists of thirteen chapters: (1) “Probing the Contours of Recent Research;” (2) “Probing Saul and His Political Identity;” (3) “Probing Paul and His Theological Identity;” (4) “Probing Paul and His Intellectual Identity;” […]

Review Essay of “Cracking the Foundation of The New Perspective on Paul: Covenantal Nomism Versus Reformed Theology” by Robert J. Cara

Robert J. Cara, Cracking the Foundation of The New Perspective on Paul: Covenantal Nomism Versus Reformed Theology. Reformed, Exegetical and Doctrinal Studies. London: Mentor (Christian Focus Publications), 2017. by Don Garlington This book is the most recent endeavor on the part of Reformed theologians to rebuff the New Perspective on Paul (NPP). The title says […]

Studies in the Pauline Epistles: Essays in Honor of Douglas J. Moo

Book Review Matthew S. Harmon and Jay E. Smith, editors, Zondervan, 2014, 320 pp. This Festschrift for Doug Moo, after a biographical appreciation of the honoree, is divided into three major segments: “Exegeting Paul,” “Paul’s Use of Scripture and the Jesus Tradition,” and “Pauline Scholarship and His Contemporary Significance.” Because the interchanges between James Dunn, […]

Paul’s Letter to the Romans: A Commentary

Book Review Arland J. Hultgren, Wm. B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2011, 834 pp. Many New Testament scholars could be pressured to write a commentary on Paul’s epistle to Rome “because,” to paraphrase George Mallory, “it’s there.” For a noted scholar like Arland Hultgren, more than 50 years dedicated to interpreting, teaching, and ministry might find […]

The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction

Book Review Kent L. Yinger, Cascade Books, 2011, 120 pp. Kent L. Yinger’s The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction is as accessible as it is academically sound. In only 120 pages he outlines and illustrates nearly every aspect of the new perspective; it is in fact almost too brief at points, but generally strikes […]


A Rejoinder to Robert A.J. Gagnon’s “Why the ‘Weak’ at Rome Cannot Be Non-Christian Jews” by Mark D. Nanos responds to criticisms of his book, The Mystery of Romans. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 9/11/10) “A Remedy for Having Been Born of Woman:” Jesus, Gender, and Genealogy in Romans by Palema Eisenbaum. This article explores […]

A Summary of the New Perspective on Paul

by Mark M. Mattison Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture references are from the New Revised Standard Version. Depending upon one’s point of view, the current state of Pauline studies is either exciting or alarming. Traditional interpretations of Paul’s letters are being examined afresh with increasing frequency as scholars diligently work to reconstruct Paul’s historical context. The […]

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