Editorial Board

Mark M. Mattison – Mark is a writer and independent scholar and the founder of The Paul Page.

Mark Goodacre – Mark is an Associate Professor in New Testament at the Department of Religion, Duke University, North Carolina, USA, and the creator and managing editor for the award-winning internet site, The New Testament Gateway.

Ian Packer – Ian is Director of Public Theology for EA (Australian Evangelical Alliance) and a Baptist minister. He has a keen interest in the ethics and theopolitical imagination of Paul.

Don Garlington – Don is an independent New Testament scholar who resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Luis Jovel – Luis is a Baptist pastor from Latin America who currently resides in Victoria, Australia. His principal concern is to make available to the Latin American Church the latest trends in the study of the New Testament, especially Pauline studies.

Mark D. Nanos – Mark is a Jewish scholar whose research focusses on reading Paul within Judaism, and a Lecturer at University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of St. Andrews.

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