On the New Perspective

An Explanation of the New Perspective on Paul by Bryan Chapell is an overview of the new perspective and Federal Vision theology within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Available in PDF format. (Link updated 6/22/09)

An Interview with E.P. Sanders: “Paul, Context, and Interpretation” by Michael Barnes Norton was published in the Journal of Philosophy & Scripture. (Link added 8/11/05)

An Interview with N.T. Wright is from the Criswell Theological Review. Available in PDF format. (Link added 4/22/06)

An Offstage Perspective on the NPP by John G. Krivak explores the new perspective from a Restorationist viewpoint. (Link added 10/26/11)

Are Wright’s Critics Misreading Him? by Marke Horne is a response to criticisms by Douglas Kelly and Richard Phillips. (Link updated 2/22/15)

A Short Note on N.T. Wright and His Reformed Critics by Rich Lusk. This article argues that Wright’s approach to Paul is not inconsistent with Reformed theology. (Link updated 2/22/15)

Bibliography: Brief Annotations on Studies in Paul by Tim Gallant is a list of key books dealing with the new perspective. (Link updated 6/22/09)

Bibliography of Works on the New Perspective on Paul by Dennis M. Swanson was published in The Master’s Seminary Journal in Fall 2005. Available in PDF format. (Link added 8/2/06)

Coming Home to St. Paul? Reading Romans a Hundred Years after Charles Gore by N.T. Wright. This lecture outlines Wright’s approach to Romans. (Link updated 6/22/09)

Comparing Judaism and Christianity: An Academic Autobiography is a paper read by E.P. Sanders at “New Views of First-Century Jewish and Christian Self-Definition: An International Conference in honor of E.P. Sanders” in April 2003. Available in PDF format. (Link added 2/28/09)

Covenantal Nomism? by Tim Gallant is a comparative Review of E. P. Sanders, Paul and Palestinian Judaism & D. A. Carson, et al., Justification and Variegated Nomism: Volume 1 – The Complexities of Second Temple Judaism (Link updated 6/22/09).

Gaffin’s Conference on Justification by Doug Barnes is a summary from the Banner of Truth. (Link added 10/27/03)

Getting Some Perspective on the “New Perspective” by Marke Horne. This article argues that the new perspective does not threaten traditional Reformed theology. (Link updated 2/22/15)

Interview With “The Paul Page” Creator: Mark Mattison by Seth Odom is an interview on Odom’s View Of The Other World blog. (Link added 6/5/10) Interview With “The Paul Page” Creator: Mark Mattison, Pt. 2 is a follow-up. (Link added 6/7/10)

Introduction to The Cambridge Companion to St. Paul by James D.G. Dunn is an excerpt. Available in PDF format. (Link added 3/10/07)

Justification and Variegated Nomism is a seminar web page maintained by Peter M. Head. (Link added 5/17/02)

M. Brockmuehl: 1QS and Salvation at Qumran by Bill Salier. This is a response to Bockmuehl’s reading of 1QS. (Link added 12/14/02)

N.T. Wright – A Westminster Seminary Perspective by Doug Green is a slightly revised version of a post to the Wrightsaid e-mail discussion list. Available in PDF format. (Link added 4/25/05)

N.T. Wright y la Nueva Perspectiva acerca de Pablo por Don Walker draws on the resources of The Paul Page to articulate Wright’s contribution to the new perspective and evangelical theology. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 12/18/04)

New Perspectives on Paul by N.T. Wright is a transcript of a 2003 Edinburgh Conference lecture. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 9/16/04)

No Acolyte of Rome by Neil Elliott. This article from Sojourners magazine argues that Paul was not a social conservative. (Link updated 10/10/04)

On Re-Reading Paul by Brendan Byrne. This excellent article summing up the new perspective is a follow-up to the booklet, Re-Reading Paul. (Link updated 3/12/03)

Pablo y la Ley. Al hilo de la controversia by Roberto Badenas. This article grapples with the meaning of the law in Paul’s writings. Available in RTF format. (Link updated 6/22/09)

Paul & the Mosaic Law: The New Perspective by Alwyn Lau. This is a brief introduction to the issue. Was Second-Temple Judaism a legalistic religion? is a follow-up article. (Links added 11/21/02)

Paul and Judaism: The Apostle in the Context of Recent Interpretation by James W. Aageson is a helpful overview. Available in PDF format. (Link added 3/7/08)

Paul and the Law — Part 2 by Robert Hunter. This brief article describes the work of E.P. Sanders, Heikki Räisänen and James D.G. Dunn. (Link added 2/15/02) Paul and the Law — Part 3 is a follow-up article. (Link added 11/21/02)

Paul in Different Perspectives by N.T. Wright is a lecture from the 2005 Auburn Avenue Conference. (Link added 7/13/05) Also available in PDF format as Paulo em Diferentes Perspectivas. (Link added 9/5/05)

Paul in Recent Research by John McRay is a survey of recent Pauline studies. (Link added 3/2/05)

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians is an article which briefly summarizes the Galatian controversy in light of the new perspective. (Link added 11/21/02)

Paul the Jew by Brendan Byrne. This brief presentation introduces the booklet Re-Reading Paul. (Link updated 3/12/03)

Paula Fredriksen: Paul and Paula is an on-line interview from Vision. (Link added 9/21/06)

Pavel v Nové Perspektivě is a summary of the new perspective. (Link added 2/18/05)

Putting the New Perspective Into Perspective: Some Thoughts on Second Temple Judaism by Rich Lusk poses questions about Sanders’ reevaluation of second-temple Judaism. (Link added 11/12/03)

Reading Romans Anew by Rita Halteman Finger. This Sojourners article articulates the new perspective and its implication for interpreting Romans. (Link updated 10/10/04)

Recent Studies on Paul the Apostle by Mark Thiessen Nation. This brief summary highlights several resources. (Link updated 10/28/03)

Reform for the Sake of Reformation is a personal apologia by Tim Gallant. (Link added 6/22/09)

Re-Reading Paul: A fresh look at his attitude to Torah and to Judaism. This on-line booklet from the Council of Christians and Jews in Victoria, Australia, proposes some guidelines for Christian teachers in their use of Paul’s letters. Based on a paper by Brendan Byrne. (Link updated 3/12/03)

Some Random Thoughts on N.T. Wright’s Romans Commentary by Rich Lusk evaluates Wright’s commentary from a sympathetic Reformed perspective. (Link added 11/12/03)

Some Reflections on Hermeneutics and Method: A Reply to Guy Waters by Nicholas Perrin originally appeared in Westminster Theological Journal. Available in PDF format. (Link added 9/12/06)

Sounding the Alarm: N.T. Wright and Evangelical Theology by Travis Tamerius originally appeared in Volume 11.2 (Spring 2002) of The Reformation & Revival Journal. (Link added 2/9/06)

Survey of Selected Monographs by Colin Kruse is chapter one of his book Paul, the Law, and Justification. Available in PDF format. (Link added 6/27/02)

The Doctrine of Justification in the Work of N.T. Wright is an audio lecture series by Bill Wilder with downloadable MP3 files along with PDF files of the PowerPoint presentations. (Link added 4/25/05)

The PCA and the NPP: Why a Denomination with Southern Presbyterian Roots Should Carefully Consider the “New Perspective on Paul” by Rich Lusk is an appeal from the assistant pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church. (Link added 2/16/04)

The Western Captivity of the Apostle Paul by Jack Poirier. An insightful treatment from Jerusalem Perspective. (Link updated 12/18/04)

Twenty-One Theses Toward Understanding Paul’s View of the Law by A.B. Caneday is a blog entry from Biblical Theological. (Link added 3/20/06)

What Did Paul Really Mean? by Simon Gathercole is a feature article from Christianity Today. (Link added 8/13/07)

What Saint Paul Should Have Said: Is Galatians a Polemic Against Legalism? by Tim Gallant. This Reformed article argues that a reading of Galatians in light of the new perspective does not threaten Protestantism. (Link updated 6/22/09)

What Was Wrong with Judaism? by Daniel Boyarin is chapter two of his book A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity (Link updated 6/22/09)

When the Dust Finally Settles: Coming to a Post-New Perspective Perspective by Michael F. Bird is an article from the Criswell Theological Review. Available in PDF format. (Link added 5/31/06)

Works Righteousness and the Synagogue of Satan: Rethinking Christian Caricatures of 1st Century Judaism by Nigel B. Mitchell. This excellent article from Gesher demonstrates how the new perspective can help to correct anti-Semitic tendencies in the church. (Link updated 3/12/03)

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